Sunday, July 5, 2009

Lenya Heitzig: A Letter from Pastor Skip

Posted: Thursday, July 02, 2009

Dear Church Family,

It's been quite a busy and eventful week at our home and I wanted to let everyone know what is going on in our personal lives. Lenya has been feeling quite a lot of pain lately (and believe me Lenya doesn't let on much when it comes to pain--she just plows ahead). So here's the run-down:

Monday: Lenya's ObGyn detected a pelvic mass upon examination. An ultrasound exam confirmed a 15cm mass present (the size of a large grapefruit)

Tuesday: Blood tests and a pelvic CT scan revealed that the mass is encapsulated(a good thing) but displacing other organs in the area.

Wednesday: CT scan of the lungs was done along with more blood tests. These showed an elevation of cancer cells in the bloodstream.

Thursday: We meet today with a gynecologist to assemble a surgical team and schedule the removal of the mass.

The Heitzigs are really doing great. We have complete peace from God and are thankful for the way God sustains us. Honestly, we feel so blessed to have each other and with God's strength we'll march through this battle like we have other battles before it.

God bless you,



  1. We are praying for you Lenya! Love the Riley Family! Your a blessing!

  2. Jackie and I are standing with you in prayer..Love, Susan

  3. Ken and I are standing in prayer with the Heitzig Family today.
    May the peace of the Lord be with you today. Love Ken and Paula

  4. Rest in the Lord! Your family is always in our prayers. Love...Shirley Nesbitt

  5. Rest with the peace that passes all understanding Lenya. We keep you in prayer and we enjoy listening to Skip on the radio.
    Rejoice.....Chris Deras

  6. Lenya, we are thinking about you, and are praying for you and Skip and your family. As we are standing in prayer with all of your friends and family we are clinging to Romans 8:28! Love Ken and Paula

  7. Lenya,
    Your an inspiration to us all! You amaze us that your are even able to evangelize from your hospital bed. Our family has you in our prayers daily as you are constantly on our minds. I know the Lord will give you the strenth you need to endure this and many more things soon! Lisa, Brian and the 2 boys ---Daniel and Mark (Stefan)

  8. Dear Mrs.Lenya,

    I have been praying for you and your family.I am thankful that God has blessed you to go through the surgery and feel better. Even though I have never met you personally, every time I see your smile in church, I know that you do know me and everyone else at calvary. I say to you and pastor skip that it is the God in you that makes me feel at home at Calvary. Thank you for that warm smile. May God continue to bless and keep you.


  9. Lenya:

    You don't know me but my husband and I started attending Calvary about 4 years ago and are so in love with everything we are learning there. So you just do not know how grateful I am to our Lord for you, Pastor Skip and your family because of the influence you have had in our lives through your teachings and how God has used you. You are so special and I know God has his hands on you throughout this ordeal so I pray for your health, strength (which you obviously have a lot of) and healing.

    Della Moya