Friday, February 18, 2011

Lenya's Corner

Some of us remember the Grateful Dead lyrics to Truckin’, “What a long, strange trip it’s been…” While my journey through cancer wasn’t necessarily a long one in comparison to some, it was a strange trip into areas I had never visited. Chemotherapy, hair loss, purchasing a wig, and feeling exactly what my doctor said when I was diagnosed, “You are standing on a platform and the train is going to pull up and take you for a ride” were all firsts for me. But I am thrilled to say the ride has taken me to a place of being cancer free for over one year now. In November, I had my chemo port removed and have had positive lab reports each month. I am gaining strength and very excited about diving into different projects with the Women’s Ministry.

In January we launched our new name, she Ministries, along with our new website Our goal is to seek all the many she’s in this world. Our motto is “she is me, she is you.” Also, knowing that women hold a unique place in God's plan and heart, she Ministries takes inspiration from the virtuous woman extolled in Proverbs 31:

She…does good and not evil all the days of her life, v. 12
She...willingly works with her hands, v. 13
She…brings food from afar, v.14
She…also rises while it is yet night, v. 15
She…girds herself with strength, v. 17
She…stretches out her hands, v. 19
She…extends her hands to the poor, v. 20
She…is not afraid, v. 21
She…opens her mouth with wisdom, v. 26
She…watches over the ways of her household, v. 27

Updates from Lenya was a great place for me to stay in touch with you throughout my cancer treatment and recovery, but as we move into a new season of she, I have a blog built right into the site called Lenya’s Corner. I would love for you to visit and keep up with this new chapter in my life.

Thank you for the encouragement, love, and many well wishes you posted on this blog. Your prayers kept our family going throughout this journey designed by the Lord. I couldn’t possibly say thank you for each prayer, each card, each gift, each word of kindness, but please know that in my heart and memory, each of you are thanked.