Thursday, September 24, 2009

Great News!

Just a quick update to let all my blogging friends know the best news EVER. I'm going to be a grandmother. Nathan and Janae' are about 10 weeks pregnant. The baby will arrive about April 27th. As you might guess, we are thrilled. God is so good! Do you have any suggestions on names to call a grandma? I am old-fashioned, so grandma is just fine. But as you've come to realize, I love to play with words. What names do you use for grandma?

Baby Heitzig!


  1. Woo hoo!!! Congratulations!!!!!!

    Praying for that grandbaby!

    I always say my grandkids will call me auntie, with an English accent. Maybe that's too formal, ha ha!

  2. Congrats, Lenya! Sometimes they come up with their own names. My kids call my MIL Gibby and my mom Sue Sue. I've always called my grandma Gram (she's a pretty small lady so it is pretty fitting in more ways than one!) Even if you try to call yourself one thing, they might come up with their own name!

  3. Hi Lenya,

    Paul and I are thrilled about the news!

    For some reason, my grandson started calling me Bella when he was about two years old. Then, my granddaughter followed suit when she learned to talk. Go figure..I don't know where he heard the name.

  4. My kids call my mom Meemom. It sounds like Mommy backwards.

  5. Congratulations to all of you Lenya. As for Grandmother names, I used to call mine Grandmom! Real traditional.

    But when you asked...the first name that came to my mind was "Maxine"...ROFL...

    Seriously though, I always address my elderly customers that come in with family as Nana! I also like Bella. Isn't that something like "beautiful girl" in Italian?

    Have a blessed day,
    Sandy Koster

    We've got Nana, Grandma, and Ma-tou

  7. We are happy for Nate & Janae and so very excited for you and Skip. Being grandma and grandpa is wonderful. We have 10 grandkids and they all call me grandma and call John gramps (i think GRAMPS is adorable and kinda funny)
    love, paula

  8. Even tho people have grandchildren all across the world everyday, believe me, yours, as far as you are concerned, will be the FIRST. :)

    My folks were really wonderful grandparents. The kids could be rambunctious, spread their toys every where through the house, play the piano rather loud, all as long as they were not disrespectful to the adults. That was the one line not to cross.

    And they were just plain ol "grandma" and "grandpa". I'm thinking that nicknaming grand parents is kind of a phenomenon of the south. In the north, folks are just too practical. ;) At least the ones I knew...

    Our best to you all and the happy parents to be.

  9. CONGRATULATIONS!!! Praise the Lord! You will be a wonderful and beautiful Grandma:)I have a woman in our bible study that was nicknamed by her grandkids, MaFab: for Fabulous Grandma :D God is so Good!! Big hug, Paige

  10. Praise God!

    "Grammy Lenya" sounds good, but I bet your grand-baby will decide.

  11. A friend offered Babushka as the Russian word for Grandma. I countered with Babu as the shortened, bilingual version. The Urban Dictionary says, "Babu is a middle easern term, roughly translated "the precious one." Conventionally, it is used to describe things that have exceeding understood qualities, and can be used as an adjective, noun, or verb. You have to add the accent for effect.

  12. Praise the Lord! That thought crossed my mind when I heard a pastor speak of blessings that follow storms. And Wa La! I am so happy for all of you. I am a grandma too. It's my first name that they say cute. Grandma Gloria is Granma "Golyia" I also called my grandmas "Nana". You are going to be a absolutely wonderful grandmother and Skip a wonderful grandpa. The kids calls my husband "Pappo". The other ladies are right. The kids will come up with that special name. We are praying for you all daily! I Love You!

    Gloria Sisneros

  13. babu is cute. my husband rick and i went to russia and remember the orphans calling the elderly ladies Babushka it also referred to the scarfs they wore on there heads tied at the chin.
    so cute.
    mimi is another name and my husband's family is from canada and they call "nana" my family is Italian i called my grandma "nona in fact Bella Nona and then i would say te volio bene nona which means i love you a lot.
    i loved her so incredibly much
    i am so thrilled to hear this excellent news i was just asking you this morning about this
    what a blessing.
    praise be to God from whom all blessings flow
    that is something so incredible to look forward too. what a gift. love rick and linda martin

  14. ps God gave you something awesome to cheer about how cool

  15. Lenya;
    I've never met you, but linked to your blog through Maellen Blodgetts. Just wanted you to know that I am praying for your quick recovery in the next steps that you have to go through.
    What happy news along the way to see the first pics of your grandchild!
    shanelle kent
    Utah (via ID,NM,FL,CA,HI,MI)

  16. Oh Lenya! This is truly wonderful news to hear. God is so good and so faithful! Congratulations to the Heitzig Family! The best is yet to be!
    I was a young mom, so became a grandma at a fairly young age. (this is a testimony in God's wisdom). Anyway, I pondered over "cool and modern" names I wanted to be called. I'm Grandma. LOL My granddaughters call me G-ma most of time though. I called mine Grandmother. Love that as well. Don is Grandad.

  17. PRAISE GOD! the most exciting time of your life has just begun...our grandprincesses and grandprinces are the best gift the Lord has ever bestowed on us! What perfect timing...CONGRATS TO ALL OF YOU! i like babu...i'm 'gammie' but most of the 'babus' are right, they name you! just thrilled...continual prayers...sharing in His love & grace, Chris & Rebecca

  18. Congratulations! I wanna be a Gpa. My kids call their grandma "Gawa" (pronounced Gah- Wah)


  20. Congratulations to all! Babu is really nice. I wish I had thought of it when I was playing around with what to have the grand kids call me. I'm Nana which is very lovely, too. Actually my grandson could say Nana before he could say Mama, so you might want to consider that as a recommendation!

  21. In our family the oldest grandchild has always "named" the grandparents. I think it is quite sweet, another special bond you will share with the little one. We are so happy for your family.

  22. CONGRATULATIONS! We are so happy for you all! My British grandparents were Granny, Grandpa, and my American grandparents were Nana and Poppy. My kids called my mother Nana, and they call my father Papa. My mother passed away four years ago,and my father has since, married a Greek woman. In Greece, the grandmother is known as Yaya. (Not sure if I spelled it right.) God bless you!
    BTW - I'm sorry I held your hand the other night when I saw you. I realized later that you probably aren't supposed to come in contact with people much! That was very unthoughtful of me!!

  23. Congrats Lenya and Skip!

    My kids have the joy of having several grandmas. So to make it easier to identify which one...we use


    I've also heard Mema (sp?), & Nana, which are both very endearing too!

    Thanks for sharing the exciting news with us.

  24. Congrats Lenya! :) You and your husband will make fabulous grandparents! What a blessing!

    My two precious nieces call my Mom: Ammy and my Dad: Paparino.

    I will pray that Janae' and Nathan's little joy will come to know our Savior. :)

  25. Congratulations, to all of you along with prayers and much love. I'm not a grandma, but my two called my Mom and Dad, Nanny and Papa. Papa is still around, by God's grace. Nanny is with God. We continue to pray for your return to good health, Lenya. Now we'll pray for the newest Heitzig to arrive in the give you lots of joy, love and a time to "spoil" this beautiful child God has blessed Nate and Janae with. May you have many memories to share in the years ahead. Congratulations also, to Nate and Janae, Skip, your Dad and Nedra.
    With much love always, Joan and Deidre

  26. Blessings to you Lenya........
    Congratulations to you and Skip (and of course the parents!!!)
    With our grandkids, I am nana and Ron is papa......sounds very precious coming out of our babies mouths.....but, whatever your granddaughter will call you it will be very sweet.
    May God continue to bless you and keep you,

  27. We called my Dad's parents Nana and Bapa. Mike's side they call them Mom and Gran. So happy for you!! Love Renee

  28. A reminder that God continues to bless us even in our darkest hours. I am so excited and happy for your family and this wonderful blessing. I have four grandchildren and they all call me - whatever they want, I get hugs and kisses from them either way. I look forward to seeing that beautiful creation and celebrating your healing and your grandchild!


  29. God is good all the time.Congratulations to you and Skip and the new parents.I am so amazed when I see my parents with my babies and the perfect joy that they bring to eachother.They can spend hours outside just counting the stars or planting in the garden.Babies are truely a blessing from God and loving grandparents are an even GREATER blessing!My babies call my parents Nana and Papa.Thank you for your blog, reading it has helped me get through a very difficult third pregnancy.Love in Jesus Christ April

  30. Lenya, had to share this. Out of the 3 grandchildren I have, only the middle one was and still is "cuddly" and liked sitting on laps. Even as they were learning to sit up, they were just too busy playing on the floor, with a "leave me alone" attitude! The last one is the only boy and for some reason, I really don't know why, used to avoid me like the plague! But now, even though sometimes I have to chase him for a hug and a kiss, I can see that special twinkle in his eye, just for me!! The other day, my kids (ages 14,2,& 9)and I were there to take care of the grandkids for awhile, and we got out our Daily (read through in a year) Bibles. Without a word, the two older girls (6 & 5) disappeared, then came back with their picture Bibles, it was SO cool!! (Kinda hard to find Isaiah, but we tried to find something so as Not to discourage them for the effort!)
    The only thing more special than hearing them say you and your husband's grandparent names is to see their tender hearts for God's Word, Jesus, and to hear them read the Bible out loud, ahhhh!! But even more precious than that, the older one told me that Jesus lives in her heart now, I don't think I even asked or brought it up, it just joyfully flowed out of her! WOW, that is the most precious thing to hear!!

  31. Congratulations! Being a Grandmother is the best job God ever blessed a woman with! My beautiul Grandchildren, of which there are 5 now, call me Grammy and I love it! By the way, my daughter Teresa and all the gals here in 29 Palms say congratulations and send their love and prayers for you. God bless!!!!

  32. Oh wonderful! congratulations "Nana"

    Nana Lenya...etc.

    Love you, Susan

  33. Congratulations Lenya! Being a grandparent is the most percious gift. I have three grandsons, and they each call me a different name. My oldest, Mason, calls me grandma doggy (because I have dogs). Dylan calls me simply by my name "Ida". My youngest, Caleb, calls me YaYa, which is the greek name for grandma. And I love all of my names. They tend to make their own special name for you.
    Love, Ida from the Nambe store

  34. Grandchildren are THE most awesome experience. This coming week I am flying to NY for the arrival of grandbaby # 10 !! Each unique, special , and a gift from God! I have 5 here in ABQ, but 3 leaving soon for Mongolia.. that is hard. I like to say when asked how do you do that~ " The center of God's will is the most perfect place for our children, and grandchildren." So congratulations to you both!
    We are called Nona and Opa. Nona is Italian for grandma, and Opa is Norwegian for grandpa.. John did not care for the Italian for grandpa~ which is Nono. So he chose the other side of his heritage. One of my grandkiddos prefers to call me Nana, and another Grandma Cheryl. I answer to all of the above. Enjoy this special time and May the Lord Bless you.
    IN His Love, Cheryl Governale

  35. Well, this one might not fit too well, lol. It's just very Greek to most! How about "Yaya" pronounces Yaiya. Your grandchild could call you this when you come to visit and Yannis! lol.
    God bless you my friend and congradulations to all of you.
    Annamarie Kapnison

  36. I think it's especially meaningful when the child picks the name! We have Grannie & Bapa, Babe & Popo, Grandma & Grandpa and a Meme & Dandan! Congratulations!! Can't wait to hear what your name will be!